Spring Festival Gifts for Everyone

Dear friends,

Our biggest traditional holiday Spring Festival is coming soon, and we will be on holiday from January 18th to January 28th, 2023. During this time, you can place orders as usual, and we will process them soon when we come back on January 29th. We are terribly sorry for any delay and inconvenience caused to you. 

We have prepared some Lolita gifts and Ouji gifts for every order placed during our holiday, and hope you will like them.

Each Lolita order will randomly get one of these lovely berets, socks, tights, plush KC and leg warmers.

Lolita order gifts links:

Xiaogui~Sweet And Lovely Daisy Bowknot Woolen Beret

Kawaii Lolita Fluffy Rabbit Ears Leg Warmer

Kawaii Lolita Cinnamoroll Plush Handmade Hairband

Roji Roji~Striped Kawaii Lolita Calf Socks

Roji Roji~Sweet Bow Lolita Knee Stockings

Roji Roji~Little Candy Cotton Lolita Knee Socks

Xiaogui~Daily Bow Headband Pearl Lolita KC

Each Ouji order will randomly get one of these brooch, socks, waist chain and necklace. 

Ouji order gifts links:

Princess Chronicles~Retro Gothic Lolita Waist Chain

Princess Chronicles~Floating Phantom~Rose Lolita Brooch

Princess Chronicles~Black And Blue~Gothic Lolita Brooch

Princess Chronicles~Elegant Lolita Waist Chain

Spring And Autumn Rhombic White And Black Ouji Socks

Sorry again for any inconvenience caused due to this long holiday. Wish you a happy shopping in our store and hope all of you will enjoy our gifts.


Best wishes,

From 42Lolita team


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