Return and Refund Policy

Order cancellation and refund

Our customers have the right to cancel orders at anytime, but 42Lolita does not accept cancellation for the following 2 kinds of orders.

1) Pre-order products, made to order items, and custom sizing items that we have already purchased from the brands.

2) Once we have shipped the package, we do not accept cancellation for free.

For other orders, you can cancel them but the refund proportion will depend on exact order status.

 Order status Payment made & before our purchase  Order purchased & before arrive at us Order purchased & has arrived at us Parcel lost during international shipping
Refund proportion  100% Deduct 5$ Deduct 10$ 100%

Return and exchange

1) If you receive items with wrong size, color, wrong order or uncompleted order, we are terribly sorry and will arrange reship a new parcel to you you for free or make full refund to you. We will take charge of all fees under this condition. Please email us within 24 hours since you receive the parcel and also attach some photos.

2) If package is returned by Chinese customs, 42Lolita will reship it for you for free.

3) If you return an item due to your own reasons, the international shipping fee back, as well as any tax occurred in our country customs will be on you. We will refund full items cost to you after we receive the package but will deduct the shipping fee from our warehouse to you. Please keep the items in original conditon with tags and no washing, no smelling. Please contact with us soon after you receive the package and arrange returning within 7 days. We will refund to you in 48 hours after we receive the returned parcel.

4) If you want to send items back to change a color or size, it's OK. You will be responsible for international shipping fee back to us, and tax occurred in our country customs, as well as re-shipping fee back to you.

For the following situations, 42Lolita will not refund.

1) Package is returned by your local customs because you refuse to pay tax or customs fail to contact with you. Please be awared that 42Lolita is not responsible for any local customs fee. Thanks for your kind understanding.

2) Package is failed to be delivered because you move to a new address after we ship.

3) Package is destroyed or lost due to natural disaster. When this happens, we are sorry and will share part of loss with you.

4) If package is delayed during shipping, we will not refund, but we will refund full payment if package is confirmed lost by the shipping company.