Buy For Me

Buy a Lolita dress with a link or picture

Are you looking for some Taobao Lolita indie brands dresses that are not listed in our shop? Or did you see a beautiful Lolita dress picture on internet but do not know where to buy? No worry, 42Lolita can help you buy your wanted Lolita dress even with a picture. It's easy to go through the "Buy For Me" process.

1. Send us 2-3 pictures of the dress you want, or the link where you see the dress via email. Please include the color and size you want in the email.

2. We will find the original Taobao indie brand who sells this dress, and use the Taobao link to create an item page for you to place the order directly. You will get our reply usually within 24 hours during working days.

3. You receive the item link and place the order.

Kind reminder:

1. We only accept the pictures from the original brand, but not a selfie photo you see from internet. This is because we need the original photo to search the brand, and selfie can not help us locate the dress.

2. We can not gurantee completely that we can find the dress for you, but we will try our best. We will let you know if we fail to find it.

3. For all the dresses we listed in 42Lolita shop by ourselves, we guarantee all are authentic indie brand dresses. If you find any replica dress on our site, please email us freely and we will take it down immediately. We respect authentic design and resist replicas. For all the "Buy for Me" Lolita clothes, we will mark "(BuyForMe) at the begining of the title, so that you will know this product is submited by a Lolitas". 

4. Our shop system will group all the "Buy For Me" dresses automatically to a collection, so that all Lolitas can buy them freely.

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