4 Easy Steps to Find The Right Lolita Tights For Your Lolita Outfits


How vital are Lolita tights in Lolita coordinates? We have actually listened to so much clashing information. Some state that a set of Lolita isn't complete without Lolita, others say that they don't require to be worn when it's truly warm out. Lolita styling constantly offers people the feeling that the majority of them are charming. And also to reveal such an impact, in addition to the requirement to select a great material appearance, cutting-edge layout, and also craft information of the outfit, usually require to be appropriately decorated with devices, with the right Lolita shoes and also tights, as a way to include in the look.

So in creating the Lolita coord, just how should "Lolita tights" be picked? To comprehend this issue, listen to the information of 42lolita. Here are 4 easy steps for you to find the ideal lolita tights for your stunning Lolita dresses.

Step 1: Choose The Material

From a functionality perspective, you ought to select tights for your Lolita outfits depending on: the weather condition and also temperature.

We would enjoy introducing the usual product and density of tights before you grab your tights. Below are 3 different Lolita tights materials for a referral:

1. Cotton

Cotton tights are very preferred and are typically used during hot/warm weather. 

Normally, cotton is soft and comfy. Additionally, cotton is light weight, yet a solid material. And also for that reason, when it gets combined with other products such as polyester or nylon, it consists of elasticity and also comes to be extra long-lasting.

For sensitive skin, it is best to put on cotton tights (or bamboo) but not artificial tights.

2. Synthetics (Nylon, Polyester & Etc)

Synthetics, such as nylon and polyester tights are a fairly brand-new advancement.

They take in dampness, dry rapid and keep the feet fresh. So, these kinds of tights have been advised to preferably utilize for day to day activities, compared to cotton, woollen, or bamboo.

Additionally, artificial tights are elastic. So, they fit the feet well and also sit well.

From a production point of view, synthetics can be blended with other products, such cotton or woollen to give enhanced results.

On the negative end, synthetics hold wetness. As a result, using synthetics can bring about fungi development, and also create smell. As a result of these conditions, It is not advised to put on synthetic tights for sensitive skin.

3. Velvet

Velvet tights are filled with fluff, a fine appearance. They always are soft and comfortable to put on, gorgeous, and charitable. Elastic, no loss of hair, no pilling, great water absorption, three times greater than cotton products, as well as no impact on the skin. Velvet tights are identified as smooth and soft, very resilient, with much better elasticity, comfortable fit as well a smoother appearance.

Step 2: Choose the Appropriate Thickness

Additionally, the thickness of tights is also a key point. The trick to gaining the most gain from your compression stockings is to select the ideal density to resolve your needs. The density of stockings is standardized according to "Denier". A good general rule to follow is:

  • 5D, 10D, 15D, all are ultra-thin stockings, suitable for ladies to wear in summer.
  • 50D, 80D, 120D, 150D are moderately thick and thin, suitable for women in spring and autumn.
  • 300D to 500D are extra thick Lolita tights or stockings for winter coordinates, usually made of velvet (core silk stockings are thin).

Step 3: Choose the Suitable Length 

Short socks

short socks


When you do not recognize what to use, select short socks! The advantage of short socks is that they are not body-conscious and they are flexible. Choose short socks that are age-defying and lively, as well as set them with a Lolita skirt that has a modest quantity of fluff and a length that entirely covers the thighs to get an excellent skinny result.


Lolita pantyhose

Lolita Girls who are not tall and whose percentages are not best can quickly appear brief as well as fat when putting on Lolita outfits. You can select pantyhose to extend your leg line. Furthermore, pantyhose/tights are also a fantastic choice for springtime as well as loss.

Mid-calf Length socks

mid-calf length lolita socks

They can be put on with anything but lengthy gowns. The advantage of mid-calf socks is that they can extend the proportion of your calves as well as make even your incomplete legs look gorgeous. Select long and set it with a short Lolita skirt to play a complete Lolita coordinates. Such a mix of matching can also highlight the benefit of body proportion to a wonderful degree and make the total appearance elegant and attractive.

Step 4: Choose Your Style and Match Your Lolita Dress

Stunning are one of the most important accessories for Lolita outfits, and also the matching for each and every Lolita dress are as complies with.

Sweet Lolita

The size could be knee-length or pantyhose and also the color should be mostly pink and white with adorable patterns such as cake, candy, and also music notes are additionally allowed. Also, sweet Lolita tights with extremely adorable Sweet Lolita, a suit made in paradise! They can make a girly fancy coordinate appearance also girlier as well as frillier!

Gothic Lolita

gothic lolita tights

Knee-length tights and pantyhose are best, as well as shades must be black or with strong striped patterns. Gothic Lolita tights with strong gothic patterns such as spider webs as well as cross & bones are likewise ideal for this line.

Classic Lolita

classic lolita tights

Knee-length tights with ordinary strong shades or water jade patterns are not recommended. Unlike sweet or gothic design Lolita tights, classical Lolita tights are much more focused on matchability, usefulness and also whether they are noble. For that reason, the pattern externally of the tights should not be as well easy. By choosing a complicated and specific pattern, you can enhance the nobility of your outfit while showing off your aesthetic taste.

Top 4 China Taobao Tights Indie Brands for Lolitas 

Roji Roji

Roji Roji is an original Lolita women's tights store. Its overall style leans toward cute and sweet. If you are adorable for sweet Lolita and classic Lolita, Roji Roji would be your best choice. Plus, some tights can also match your usual clothes to add a feeling of cuteness to your daily outfit!

Ruby Rabbit

Ruby Rabbit~Colorful Window 80D Gothic Lolita Tights

Ruby Rabbit is known for its intricate and delicate patterns. The material is mainly velvet, which is perfect for classic and gothic lolita coordinates. The tights are all hot stamping processes, suitable for spring and autumn wear. Ruby Rabbit is popular with Lolita lovers at home and abroad with its original prints and good quality.

Red Maria

Red Maria is a popular and unique Lolita tights store for lolita lovers, especially for the classic and sweet Lolita series. Its print clarity and accuracy have fully surpassed that of Japanese brands. The tights are beautifully packaged and made of durable material that can be worn repeatedly.


Yidhra is an original socks store for Lolitas. Interestingly, each pair of their socks will have a wonderful little story. Each pair of socks is very unique in its own way. If you are imaginative and like unique Lolita tights, then you can't miss Yidhra. Its style suits very well for classic and gothic Lolita coordinates.

The Conclusion

Getting a pair of great Lolita tights is just one of the milestones that you construct your own Lolita style. You can find these tights brand names and also get more Lolita info and lolita coordinates on 42Lolita tights & socks collection.

Thanks for reading this, as well as welcome to share your ideas with us on 42Lolita. We do wish each Lolita girl can locate and wear charming Lolita tights matched to your Lolita outfits. 42Lolita gives both preferred as well as most recent launched Lolita tights from credible Chinese indie brand names. Just go to 42Lolita and select your Lolita tights now!

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