4 Easy Steps to be a Plus Size Lolita Beauty in 2023


Because the same query (I'm a plus-sized girl, where can I get Lolita clothes?) has just risen to the top of searches, Many adolescent girls are prone to low self-esteem or becoming easily dissatisfied with their supposedly minor flaws, but Lolita fashion is like the light that shines into life, the spiritual power and inner world that is strengthened by love, the magic that can help people become more self-assured and determined. We have made the decision to compile a brief tutorial and demonstrate how to buy and purchase plus size Lolita dresses. Just remember to follow these suggestions before making a decision!

Step1: Get Your Measurements

First and foremost, it's crucial to be aware of your measurements when shopping for big size Lolita in general, but especially for plus size Lolita. When it comes to "normal" clothing, being aware of your size "XL" or "18" may be helpful, but those designations are largely meaningless in Lolita. Additionally, there are differences between Chinese and American sizes.

The most crucial measurements for Lolita outfits are the bust and waist. The widest area of your chest should be measured (while wearing a bra) to determine your bust size, and the smallest part of your torso, located directly between the ribs and the belly button, is your waist. Knowing the distance from your waist to your knees is also helpful if you're tall so you can choose a Lolita dress that fits properly. Learn these distances in both centimeters and inches!

Step2: Discover Your Ideal Fit

Speaking of Lolita fashion, there are JSK, SK, OP, etc. How should we choose our fit? Here are some tips:


JSK can refer to a vest dress, a sleeveless dress, or a skirt with shoulder straps. JSK is the best option over salopette because the latter will make wearers appear heavyter. Large size Girls from Lolita should pick a plus size JSK dress with adjustable buttons. These buttons can be altered to fit your individual bust and waist, and it will also be more comfortable. 

We advise trying a mid-length or long Lolita JSK if you are self-conscious about your thighs or have uneven leg lines. Long hemlines conceal the flesh on the legs while also making the legs appear longer than they actually are.

If you have a large bust, you should pick a JSK with a natural waist rather than one with a high or empire waist. When a dress has a high waist and is poorly fitted, it can occasionally make you look pregnant. In the real world, a high waist style will draw attention to your bust, which is unflattering to plus size Lolita girls. If you have a large bust, there are additional things you should take into account.

Avoid using bulky lace, ruffles around the bust, floral designs, and other intricate decorative elements on the upper portion of the dress as these will accentuate the breast. Just keep in mind to pick a Lolita outfit that will highlight your waistline!


One of the most popular Lolita versions is the SK, which has the advantages of being both functional and versatile to wear. The majority of Lolita skirts lack a waistline, making them great for hiding both meat and skinny people. However you wear it, everything looks beautiful!

A top shirt typically goes with a skirt. A SK may be created with or without shoulder straps. Normal-waisted skirts will make people look more slender than high-waisted ones. Another tip is to select skirts that end below the knee, so that if you're not happy with the length of your legs, they will only reveal a small portion of them.


An OP specifically alludes to a dress with sleeves. Long sleeves or short sleeves may be OP. You are free to choose a skirt with any waistline. You can select a belt in the same shade as your plus size OP dress to go with it! To a certain extent, the waistband can highlight the slim waist and accentuate the waistline, giving the legs the appearance of being long and lean. The waistband gives the impression that the person is taller overall, making them appear thinner.

Puff sleeve OPs should also be avoided if your shoulder is wider than typical. However, this does not always imply that donning an OP with puffy sleeves will give you the appearance of a "rugby player." Puffed sleeves with a great shoulder line can totally cover the upper arm line, head-to-shoulder ratio, and actual shoulder width. A great shoulder line is a little deeper in than a standard Lolita dress, which most of the puffed sleeves OP would have on our website.

Step3: The Secret Weapons To Match Plus Size Lolita


One of the basics when you are wearing Lolita and want to have that perfect Lolita silhouette is a petticoat. It gives that nice poof that makes this fashion so recognizable. But it will also make you look heavier then you are. So to wear a petti or not?

When buying petticoats, you should also look for ones that provide plus sizes, or provide customized sizes. Wearing a plus size Lolita dress is inseparable from the skirt, but when choosing the skirt, you should also choose according to the size of the skirt. If a girl with a heavy body chooses it, she can wear a lo skirt with a larger skirt After putting on a relatively large pannier, using the "top wide and bottom narrow" wearing principle, the fluffy skirt can visually have the effect of thinning legs.

It is recommended to buy cotton lined skirt support, after all, plus size girls are prone to sweating, cotton lining will be very breathable and comfortable to wear. For example, the Aurora & Ariel makes all their petticoats with pure cotton lining, and also provide size customization.

Also, you can match Lolita coordinates with high heels. It can not only increase the height, but also lengthen the lines of the legs, making the proportion of the body more coordinated. If you feel that a solid color petticoat is too monotonous, you can also try a floral skirt support, such as the following flower petticoats.


Shirring is your very best friend! In terms of plus size Lolita, shirring is arguably the best invention. The shirring section can expand and tighten as necessary since the fabric is collected using a unique method that makes use of elasticized threads. When a plus-sized beauty want to buy and use brand-name clothing without changing it, full shirring is the ideal choice.

Nearly all Lolita fashion brands have introduced shirred clothing at some point, albeit more recently for some. Recently released totally shirred pieces have been known to come from Metamorphose and Baby the stars shine bright. However, this does not guarantee that a dress with a full back shirring will expand to fit you. You should still consult the full size chart before making a purchase because it will typically provide you with a selection of sizes to choose from.


You can select accessories with eye-catching patterns and expansive spaces to fit a Lolita coordinates. Beautiful and high-end accessories can give the entire ensemble a more cohesive and layered appearance. Larger decorations, like a beret, will also draw attention and make you appear smaller in the face.

There are variation of hat styles. If the Lolita dress is beautiful and elegant, such as Cla Lolita dresses, you can choose a straw beret with a narrow brim and some delicate flowers laced along the top for decoration. Allow the characteristics of the clothing to stand out more, just as a large straw hat can be worn with an idyllic low skirt.


Buy some tights in a plain color. To make your legs look thinner, go for dark hues. Check out here for an incredible selection of colored plus-sized tights if you're considering wearing Lolita coordinates. Many companies sell socks that coordinate with their printed clothing. Despite the fact that some may advise you to avoid wearing socks since they will make your legs appear shorter I'd choose over-the-knee socks. When you are plus sized, those most likely won't cover your knee, but they look so much better than knee socks. You will only expose a tiny bit of leg if your skirt is the proper length.

Dark socks typically slim the legs more than light socks. Your Lolita ensembles will look more colorful with lace mesh pantyhose. You should pick dark, pattern-filled socks. Your leg line will get thinner. You can also choose darker socks with a small lace accent if you think black socks are too plain and monotonous.


A gorgeous cardigan is a girl's wardrobe need during the fall and winter. Lolita looks tiny and delicate when wearing a cardigan in addition to being elegant. Additionally, it is very body inclusive and is friendlier to ladies with larger arms. For a classier appearance, pair your skirt with a cardigan of the same hue. Another option is to simply invest a black and white cardigan—it's a chic combination! You can pair a black cardigan with Cla or Gothic Lolita coordinates and a white cardigan with a Sweet Lolita dress. You just wear a cardigan if you can't or haven't made the investment in a blouse. With a solid piece, you can even go over the top sweet since you may accessorize with bows or brooches. All depends on you!

Hime Sleeve Blouse

Many cute newcomers to the pit may have a hazy understanding of what hime sleeve shirt is. In fact, this sleeve type's design shares layers and a "fluffy" appearance with the little skirt.

As "Ji" is the Japanese word for princess, Lolita's inner sleeve is decorated with lace and numerous little details, giving it a stunning and elegant appearance. It is quite retro and not just has the taste of a dress. As a result, it is simple for us to locate the character "Ji Xiu" in some sweet and traditional Lolita.

The upper part's straight cuffs can help us visualize thin lines, while the lower part's sleeves can visually conceal the fleshy flesh. When you pair it with a JSK Lolita skirt, you won't have to worry about how it will look or effect your body. worth it

The upper arm, which is above the elbow and has a straight sleeve shape, is typically made up of two sections; suddenly, from the middle, a large cuff extends out, which can be useful for covering the skin on our arms.

Step 4: Brands Just For Plus Size Lolita

Here are some recommended indie Lolita brands that sell plus-size Lolita clothing.  You can find these brands on 42 Lolita.


NanShengGe is an indie Lolita brand that offers a lot of plus size Lolita clothing. Numerous dresses from this line are in the Cla Lolita collection style, which is known for its timeless elegance. It is good at conveying a sense of luxury with unique design. No matter if it has a handle design or not, the overall color matching is really exquisite, there won't be any color collisions, and the colors have a high saturation level.

Sakurada Fawn

Sakurada Fawn is a plus size Lolita brand that offers Sweet Lolita outfits. The main goal of Sakurada Fawn is to achieve a doll-like, adorable, and sweet shape while pursuing the "sweet girlish heart," which is typically used to express girls' innocent and romantic feelings as well as their inner dreamy consciousness.

The Conclusion

Having a large figure might be really discouraging. Avoid getting caught up in the "but I want it to fit since I love it sooooo much" stage. Buy brands for plus-sized beauty items like dresses, headbands, necklaces, and other accessories to complement your style to boost your spirits. No matter what people say, just remember that you are beautiful if you feel that way.

Lolita fashion should not be a tool to divide people, but a clothing that makes people happy. Whether you are heavy or thin, tall or short, or what skin color you are, you have the right to enjoy happiness. Wearing Lolita is just to make yourself happy, not to please others. 

Lolita is accessible to anyone. Anyone can wear Lolita fashion, if there is one thing you learn from this post. No matter your age, race, height, or size, Lolita fashion can help you become the most attractive version of yourself. 42Lolita  sincerely hope this information was helpful and wish you the best of luck on your Lolita journey!

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