Affiliate Program

What is 42Lolita Affiliate program?

Welcome to join 42Lolita affiliate program. It's a program for you to get affiliate link or code to put on your reviews or websites to earn commission. The application is completely free. Any recommendation to our store and products are welcomed. The affiliate link and code will be valid permanently, and your followers who click your affiliate link or use your affiliate code to place an order will also enjoy discount on their orders. Every one can use the affiliate code to enjoy order discount. 

How does 42Lolita affiliate program work? 

1. Click the "Apply now" button on this application page,  
, then fill in the fields to submit an application. At the same time, you will receive an email to verify your application, please click "Finish your application" button when you receive the email.
2. 42Lolita will approve your application on our end.
3. You will receive an welcome email to join our affiliate community. Then click it to create your affiliate account, and you will see that the system has generated a discount code and affiliate link for you automatically. 
4. Use the discount code or affiliate link in your videos, posts, blogs or websites. If there are orders coming through, then it will show both in your affiliate account and ours, then we will pay commission to you.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know via email at :) We wish you all the best.