Where to buy Ouji fashion?

Ouji, the Japanese word used to define a prince, is a Japanese fashion style that is typically thought of as the masculine counterpart of lolita fashion. Since this style is an alternative culture, it is a little bit difficult for newbies to buy Ouji outfits. Here we make a comprehensive list of places to buy Ouji style clothing.

Before you purchase you need to think...

When selecting clothing, you may be influenced by a number of factors. The two most important factors are price and quality. Consider your priorities.

Do you value quantity over quality or vice versa? How frequently will you wear these outfits? When it comes to quality, the brand is the way to go. Indie and used bookstores are your best friends if you want to buy a lot of books. Do you consider yourself to be "normal" in size? What style is the most suitable for me?

1. Buy Ouji Fashion in Lolita Fashion Shops

As Ouji fashion is a counterpart of Lolita Fashion, you can buy Ouji fashion in all the same places where you buy Lolita fashion. It means that if you are already in this fashion, you are already in the right place. A lot of Japanese brands don't list Ouji separately, some of them list pants and vests separately. You just need to buy shorts instead of skirts. You can find some individual brands that make Ouji clothing, like Alice and the Pirates and Metamorphose. However, it is always a little expensive to buy Ouji clothes on these sites


  • Unique designs and novel patterns are always available.


  • Hard to find Ouji selection easily.
  • Some countries and regions are not serviceable.
  • These brands can be quite pricey.

2. Buy Ouji Fashion in Second Hand Online Marketplace


The closet child is a second-hand shop for Gothic and Lolita people. It is one of many secondhand shops with multiple branches in Japan and an online webshop that sells overseas. Closet Child carries clothing from various brands, such as Baby, The Stars Shine Bright to Moi-Meme-Moitie at lower prices than retail, depending on the condition of the garment when brought in. It has become a place where Lolitas can sell their unloved garments to make a little money and where others can find their dream items or perfect finds.


WunderWelt is a japanese Lolita boutique and secondhand shop. It is a global direct delivery online shopping mall for sweet, gothic, classical, steamy, princess, princely, ethnic style, and many other Lolita-style dresses.


Lace Market is the largest online marketplace for Lolita fashion. This project was created to provide the online Lolita community with a more robust and cohesive marketplace for the sales of Lolita fashion items and related goods. Sell and buy Lolita dresses, skirts, accessories, and more with thousands of users worldwide!


  • A wide range of styles and good value.
  • You can buy the same brand and style of dress for a relatively inexpensive price.
  • Some brands may have out-of-print or limited-edition clothing available.


  • Unable to assess the quality and defects of the clothing, as well as the degree of newness and age.
  • Photos and clothes sometimes do not correspond.
  • It needs enough time and patience to pick the right one. 

3. Buy Ouji Fashion from Taobao Lolita Indie Brands

There are a lot of Lolita vendors designing Ouji outfits at the same time. But they can't ship directly because they almost speak only Chinese, which causes communication issues and time zone issues to users abroad. Customer service does not respond to your messages in a timely manner. Many niche styles of clothing are available on a pre-sale basis. Deposits are required in advance, and if not enough people pay the deposit or even if the deposit is returned, the clothes cannot be manufactured accordingly. These cumbersome processes and long waiting times can create a lot of unhappiness. And due to language differences, it may even lead to misunderstandings and customer service not being able to properly understand what you really want to spend money on. Instead, they must use Taobao's foreign mode of delivery, which does not have good reputation with customers. However, this approach is notably slow and prone to sending the incorrect package. Therefore, if something goes wrong, it will be a massive financial waste and virtually impossible to remedy.


  • Affordable price.
  • Taobao merchants have a lower threshold and more products.


  • A cumbersome shopping process.
  • Long waiting time.
  • Packages can easily get lost or be sent wrong, and will be a waste of time and money.

4. Buy Ouji Fashion from Taobao Agents

In order to solve the problem of language communication, you can choose Taobao Agents to buy for you. The fact that they can speak English and ship to the majority of nations across the world is a plus, but you must visit Taobao yourself in order to discover the items you require. If you are not vigilant, you risk finding a copycat or low-quality sellers, which adds some difficulty to Taobao shopping.


  • Communication in English is possible.
  • Logistics services are available in the majority of countries and regions.


  • A high risk of buying counterfeit products.

5. Buy Ouji Fashion from Taobao Lolita Resellers

Some Chinese brands appear to be much more on the ball with Ouji fashion in recent years. Chinese brands specializing in the Ouji fashion market are exploding right now. Taobao Lolita resellers, which means they list the Taobao Lolita and Ouji clothes in their store for you to shop directly. They may even stock some items from the Lolita and Ouji brands. It is a much more excellent and convenient service than Taobao agents because Taobao can become overly complicated if you do not speak Chinese.

The good news is that almost all of these resellers' stores have an Ouji section, which you can simply click on to see all of the Ouji versions of things. The resellers have translated the clothes details of Taobao page to English, which makes it easy to read and understand. Besides that, some reliable resellers will even mark the processing time and size chart clearly for each Lolita and Ouji piece. What you need to do is just check the items page and add them to shopping cart to buy directly.

However, you still need to be very careful as many resellers sell fakes, which is common with websites that appear to be Taobao resellers. Some of them steal the photos and simply send you very cheap, possibly identical color clothing. It is not worthwhile to buy very cheap clothes because the actual cost is so low that you cannot imagine.


  • You can click Ouji section easily to find what you need.
  • Can provide delivery service in most countries.
  • Get great valuable outfits at an inexpensive price.
  • More friendly to customers who do not speak Chinese and do not want to go through the complicated process of Taobao agents.


  • Possible to buy fake outfits.
  • No after-sales service guarantee with some Lolita resellers.
  • The pictures shown are deceptive by some resellers stealing, most of the images are not copyrighted in any way.
  • Some Lolita resellers may mark up very high, and Lolita or Ouji newbies are easy to fall for a scam.

Thus, it is very important to choose a reliable Lolita reseller that offers authentic products, affordable price and good service. A professional and trustable reseller can resolve any issues that happen during the shopping process and provide excellent after-sales service. As a result, you will not have any worries or troubles at all. Meanwhile, there's no need to worry if you get fake finally. The reseller will fliter their products and ensure that they are all 100% authentic. 42Lolita will be definitely such reliable Lolita reseller.

Why 42Lolita?

If you decide to purchase your Ouji outfits on Taobao brands, 42Lolita would be a nice choice. We are offering our customers our SELECTED items from Lolita indie brands and Ouji brands, all items from our Ouji fashion collection are original designs and authentic guaranteed.

Top 5 reasons to choose us!

1. Rich Experience

We have run Taobao agent service for more than 11 years, and are familiar with different Lolita brands, which helps us select better Ouji outfits for our customers. We assure you that every clothes on our website are 100% authentic from trustworthy indie brands.

2. Affordable Cost

Long-term collaboration with Chinese Lolita brands allows us to obtain lower prices, which we are willing to share with our customers. At the same time, we are constantly working to reduce international shipping costs for our customers. We are an honest Lolita reseller, and all fees are disclosed.

3. Best Customer Service

We always prioritize our customer's needs and do our best to maintain world-class service standards. During working days, all emails and messages will be responded to within 12 hours. 42Lolita provides friendly, safe, and quick shopping service.

4. Tracking Number For Every Order

All our shipping methods have tracking numbers and we will track each order until they are delivered successfully. You don't have to worry about your package getting lost.

5. Safe Payments Via Paypal And Credit Card

We do not hold, nor do we store any of your financial information. Also, we take privacy very seriously and will never release customers' information to third parties.

Plus, We have a special "Buy For Me" service!

We can help you buy your desired Ouji outfits from Taobao if you do not find them listed in our store. You just need to send us some pictures of the clothes or send us the original link, then we will help you find them and buy them, especially for you!

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