An Ouji Fashion Guide for Beginners-Getting Started on Your Prince Journey

What is Ouji Fashion?

Ouji, the Japanese word used to define a prince, is a Japanese fashion style that is typically thought of as the masculine counterpart of lolita fashion. It is not a sub-style of Lolita, but a fully-fledged fashion in its own right. It would be more accurate to think of Ouji as the brother-style of Lolita fashion, or the “prince” to Lolita’s “princess". It typically combines pirate, punk, adorable, or gothic aspects to create a range of appearances.

Ouji style is based on menswear mainly from the historic eras of the 18th and 19th centuries and adds modern, fanciful details to it. The pants are the key component of an Ouji costume. Similar to lolita, there are numerous substyles and themes, about which we will write in more detail in subsequent installments.

Is Ouji Fashion for Men Only?

Absolutely No! Despite being a "masculine" look, anyone—regardless of gender—can wear it.

Both men and women wear it in Japan and even in other locations where it is being experimented with. Everyone who really identifies with this style and its concepts should be able to use it. You are encouraged to express yourself in a playful way, and at the same time, you will be astounded by the superb craftsmanship and attention to detail.

In spite of how it may appear, girls who wear this kind of clothes do not intend to pass for boys. Instead, compared to other styles that were originally intended for women, they identify with this style and find it to be far more appealing.

Why not Kodona?

You may occasionally hear Ouji fashion referred to as “kodona fashion”. Please note that this term is not correct. A member of the visual kei band The Plastic Trees once used the term "kodona," which combines the Japanese words for "child" (kodomo) and "adult" (otona), to characterize his particular style in an interview with a Japanese magazine. Many people misunderstood his statements when this interview was broadcast in the west and thought he was speaking to Ouji. In Japan, Ouji fashion movement has never been referred to as "kodona."

Ouji is a young Victorian prince, whereas Kodona is a young Victorian boy. Both of these looks can be distinguished by their use of shorts and OTKs or leggings. Short-heeled boots are a great way to give a touch of regal style.

Although there are very slight literal and stylistic variations between the two, many shops and Ouji wearers actually don't draw a clear distinction between the two due to a lengthy history of change. Therefore, if you're looking for an Ouji costume, you may use any of these terms to search Google and Lolita shops and you'll always find something you like.

Should I Choose Lolita or Ouji?

Even though Ouji Lolita is typically worn by men, many women enjoy wearing it, especially Lolita enthusiasts. Most of the wearers of Ouji Lolita are female because they enjoy the look it gives off.

Punk, gothic, and pirate aspects are frequently used in Ouji Lolita designs. Many followers of Lolita find this gorgeous clothing style to be very charming.

Ouji is all about experimenting and trying out various concepts, just like the Lolita style. Some will function perfectly, while others will need more maintenance from your end. You can use your own strategy because you have free freight at the end of the day. Here, you can simply draw attention to your femininity through style, or if you choose, you can strive to project a more masculine image.

Should I pick Ouji or Lolita? That depends on your opinion and individual circumstances. You will typically find yourself much happy if you try out new things and investigate the various alternatives offered by these designs. Many people prefer Lolita because it is more feminine, but Ouji fashion has its moments as well, and you will be pretty amazed at what you can do here.

3 Common Different Substyles of Ouji Fashion

There are numerous substyles and themes for Ouji fashion. The exact same substyles of Ouji exist in the same way that other Lolita substyles do: Sweet, Classic, and Gothic.

Sweet Ouji

Sweet Ouji has a girly, flowery appearance. It alludes to more adorable/young/innocent coordinates.

With a pastel color scheme and charming motifs like cakes and adorable animals, it is frequently the complete opposite of sweet lolita for Western Oujis. Some artistic Ouji even transforms adorable designs into Ouji clothing, such as slacks, vests, coats, or neckwear.

Classic Ouji

Classic Ouji has a more refined air and emphasizes elegance, making it more refined and elegant. This substyle has a more classic "princely" feeling and is more sophisticated than sweet. This describes the majority of Ouji that isn't overly sweet or gothic.

Gothic Ouji

Gothic Ouji has a sense of gloom that can take the form of opulent decadence, damaged ruin, or a simple, angular design. Although it is often black, jewel tones like bordeaux or navy are frequently used as a contrast color.

Part 2 - How to make an Ouji coordinate

The elements of a typical ouji outfit are pants, a blouse, a jacket/vest, socks, shoes, and optionally a hat. These components should be placed together to create an ouji coordinate that is both boyish and elegant. If you are a Lolita lover, you can almost wear the exact same clothes just by swapping out the skirt for shorts or trousers!


The pants should be discussed first because they are what set ouji apart from Lolita. Knickerbockers/shorts in a variety of forms are the most popular length and style of pants that really define the look in the style. Long pants come in a variety of designs, from high-waisted to punky, frequently with belted connected half-skirts, to poofy pumpkin pants gathered at the knees.


Ouji fashion blouse
Depending on the aesthetic you're going for, anything from a simple button-up to a frilly, expensive shirt with a jabot and a lot of lace can work. Unless you're going for a very casual look, pay attention to the details when searching for a shirt that fits the style. Jabots, ruffles, neck bows, large collars, and lace accents all support the fashion. Many lolita shirts are suitable for ouji as well but stay away from those that look overly feminine.


Similar to shirts, a variety of coats can be included in the look. Blazers that are simply cut can be worn casually but not much else. There are several recurring themes in jackets that can be seen in dressier styles, such as swallowtail jackets, jackets that drape out at the waist, and pirate jackets. There are many different styles of jackets that go with the look, but just like with shirts, the devil is in the details. Many coats have a faux vest clasp at the front to give them a more fascinating appearance. Trims, unique collars, and button detailing are other things to watch out for. Although not required for the style, jackets can be very helpful in bringing the ensemble together.


In this fashion, vests are frequently seen and can be worn alone or layered under jackets. Like anything else, basic ones are best for a relaxed appearance and for wearing under jackets. The vests in this style resemble coats when worn on their own, except that they lack sleeves.


With the Ouji style, you also want to have fitting shoes. They might be understated or distinctive when compared to the whole costume. Boots that are knee- or mid-calf in length, laced or not, function well. Platforms and big, bulky shoes are ideal. You will be astounded by the Ouji shoes' appearance and craftsmanship, which frequently have a large size. You can also wear your Lolita shoes if the style and color match.


Having amazing shorts and nice socks is a typical look. These socks seem creative, enjoyable, and interesting when black and white are combined. Most of the time, when you follow the Ouji aesthetic, you stick to neutral hues. The most popular colors for the Ouji style are black and white, so you'll find yourself experimenting with a variety of monochromatic arrangements here. It's all about expressing your thoughts and, in a creative and engaging way, letting people know the real you.


One of the most popular accessories in Ouji fashion is probably hats. A stunning top hat would be quite helpful if you want to create a sultry and sophisticated appearance. It's a smart method to experiment and give anything you like a shot. That is what makes the work worthwhile, particularly if you want to stand out while still experimenting with this particular fashion.

Other accessories

Other accessories are available for you to make a unique statement! There are no restrictions or fundamental rules. Your Ouji coordinates would be more interesting if you wore a silver necklace or an antique leather belt.

Part 3: Where to Buy Ouji Outfits

Beginner Shopping Tips

You may be influenced by a number of variables when choosing your clothing. Price and quality are the two primary factors. Think about your priorities.

Do you choose quality above quantity or the other way around? How frequently will you wear these outfits? In the case of quality, favor the brand. Indie and used books are your friends if you want to buy a lot. Are you within the "normal" size range or not? Custom fitting and tailoring might be advantageous if you are outside.

Create and follow a wish list. To achieve wardrobe harmony, narrowing your focus can help you avoid impulsive purchases. The most effective wardrobes are cohesive ones since they allow you to combine more pieces without having to buy new ones each time you make a new coordinate.

Japanese Brands

Many well-known lolita brands also carry ouji items. Alice and the Pirates, Atelier Boz, and Metamorphose temps de fille are among the most popular. Even Angelic Pretty has been known to carry ouji items in the past. 


Alice and the Pirates, a subbrand of Baby, The Stars Shine Bright features more unusual Ouji styles.

Atelier Boz is one of the best-known brands featuring Ouji fashion, as well as lolita. Their clothing is primarily Gothic, with some Classic pieces, and many work well with other Japanese styles like Visual-kei or Aristocrat.

Black Peace Now, is a Japanese gothic-themed fashion label and clothing brand. The company, which was formed n 2001 in Shibuya, Tokyo has gone on to become one of the top fashion brands for punk/gothic crossover in Japan.

Moi-meme-Moitie (on CdJapan) is Featured in the Gothic & Lolita bible and contains pricy, but gorgeous and high-quality products. You can also find some Gothic Ouji here.

Taobao, offbrand, etc.

Immortal Thorn is a trustworthy Ouji Lolita indie brand. The Immortal Thorn ouji fashion clothes are designed elegantly and elaborately made, which will never let you down. 

Princess Chronicles : With an amazing design, high quality, and affordable price. Princess Chronicles is popular with young men and Lolitas. 42Lolita is a good place for you to shop Princess Chronicles Ouji fashion clothes at the lowest price.

Arca et Ovis is a trustworthy Ouji Fashion and Gothic Lolita Fashion indie Chinese brand. With excellent design and high quality, very popular among male lolita lovers and lolita boys.

As you can expect, prices range widely based on the style you desire, the materials you want to use, and other factors. The majority of the time, Ouji clothing is a little bit expensive. There are some pricey goods that go well with this look, but there are also less expensive options. Some Taobao brands have enticing and affordable prices. The majority of them use premium fabrics and have creative designs.

If you're in the US and too lazy to use a shopping service, 42Lolita is an excellent place to look for these Taobao brands because they have an entire area devoted to ouji coordinates.

Enjoy Aristocratic Prince Style Ouji Fashion Outfits From 42Lolita

42Lolita's Ouji fashion collection offers a variety of fashionable tops, hats, outfits, shoes, accessories, and more in a variety of Ouji styles, such as sweet Ouji, Classic Ouji, Gothic Ouji, punk lolita, and many more. They all have high quality and affordable prices! In addition to this, we will provide our customers with a positive online shopping experience.

Getting Started on Your Prince Journey!

Ouji fashion is extraordinary, different, and visually appealing. It's exciting to have a variety of pieces to play with and experiment with. There are some guidelines to follow, though. You can still examine various components and combine them however you like. Complete outfits are also available online for purchase. You can see that there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to the Ouji fashion. Everything passionately showcases your preferences. We advise you to look into the 42Lolita at this time to determine whether it appeals to you. You'll like its distinctive approach to fashion, and it's definitely something entertaining and original!

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