Sponsorship for Global Lolita Community

With heartfelt gratitude for the incredible support and passion shown by Lolita enthusiasts worldwide, we are absolutely delighted to introduce the Global Lolita Community Collaboration at 42Lolita. This wonderful initiative is not only aimed at strengthening our bonds with the global Lolita community but also at contributing to the richness of Lolita events around the world through our small gestures of support. By forging partnerships, we hope to enable more enthusiasts to explore our store and indulge in our exquisite, affordably-priced Lolita fashion, while simultaneously adding a touch of enrichment to various Lolita gatherings across the globe. We're truly excited to embark on this fantastic journey together!

Benefits for Participants:

  1. Bulk Purchase Advantage: Those seeking substantial quantities can enjoy more discounts on item price and international shipping. This requires single-item orders exceeding 10 pieces.

  2. Event Sponsorship: We gladly extend sponsorship for large-scale society events, offering complimentary items such as Lolita petticoats, exquisite headdress, choker&necklaces, Lolita tights, and blouses, etc. Enhance your events and grant participating Lolita enthusiasts the pleasure of these complimentary gifts.

  3. 42Lolita Coupons for Your Event Attendees: Customers receiving our sponsored items can tag us on social media platforms and receive shopping coupons.

In Exchange for Collaboration:

  1. Mention 42Lolita in Your Society Events: Feature 42Lolita in your society's event announcements or materials.
  2. Social Media Tagging: Tag our accounts on your event's social media posts.

Collaboration Process:

Step one: Society representatives send email to us at support@42lolita.com to express their collaboration interest. The initial email should include:

  • Society location (country/region)
  • Society size
  • Event date
  • Social media account details
  • Preferred collaboration type: bulk purchasing or sponsorship

Step two: We will confirm with your social media account to ensure authenticity and assess your request, then reply your email. For bulk purchases, we'll provide detailed bulk discount information. For sponsorships, we'll specify the sponsored items and quantities.

Step three: You confirm if everything is OK with you.

Step four: Upon confirmation, we will send you a gift card which can cover the sponsored products cost and shipping fee. This allows you to select items directly from our store and input shipping address in the sponsorship order.

Step five: Once we receive the gift card order, we will process and ship the items.

Step six: Upon receiving the sponsored or purchased items, distribute them at your event, tag our account on social media, and participants can tag us to receive shopping coupons, too.


1. Question: What items are typically included in sponsorships?

Answer: Mainly exquisite Lolita accessories like hats, berets, gloves, tights & socks, petticoats, necklaces, cuffs, or blouses, etc. Each sponsorship may feature one type of these items in bulk.

2. Question: Is there a shipping fee for sponsored items?

Answer: No, 42Lolita will cover the cost of products and international shipping. However, if your local customs duties apply upon the package's arrival, you will be responsible for the customs tax fees.

3. Question: Are there limitations on the value of sponsored items?

Answer: We assess each society and community's size, and sponsorships typically range between $200 and $500.

4. Question: How long does it take for sponsored items to arrive?

Answer: We use standard shipping methods, which usually take around 1-2 months to arrive. Considering potential international delays, please contact us at least 3 months before the event to ensure timely delivery.

5. Question: Can Lolita community from all countries can participate in this collaboration?

Answer: Yes, Lolita community from any country can particiate.

6. Question: Do you have specific requirements for the size of sponsored organizations?

Answer: Yes, the number of members in the organization should be over 50, or number of participants in the Lolita event should be over 100. Thanks for your kind understanding.  

The Lolita community or events we ever sponsored

Kei-con 2024 event in Canada

Kei-con 2023 event in Canada

Kei-con 2023

STL JFashion Community - 2023 JFashion Halloween Party in the United States

Fàilte Bhlàth in Scotland, Face book page; Instagram page

Fàilte Bhlàth

Harajuku Day Los Angeles in the United States, Instagram,  Website

We look forward to your participation and collaboration in making your events more vibrant and exciting. At 42Lolita, we are committed to going the extra mile to enhance your experiences. Together, let's contribute to the growth and enrichment of the Lolita community, creating a brighter and more beautiful world. Join hands with us and let the spirit of Lolita fashion flourish! Get in touch with us now.