42Lolita Affiliate Program

42Lolita appreciates all customers' support and recommendation to our products, and will pay customers who kindly recommend us. We believe a good store deserves to be known to more people.

How does the affiliate program work?

1) Email us at support@42lolita.com or contact with us on any of our social media platforms to tell that you want to join in our affiliate program. 

2) 42Lolita will generate an unique discount code and promotion link for you to share to your followers, so that they can use it at the check out page to enjoy a 2$ discount. 

3) 42Lolita will track on the back end of our site and pay you according to the successful orders that coming from the unique discount code. 

4) 42Lolita will send you promotion result and you can decide if you want to convert the commission to coupon or cash. The award can be cashed only when it reaches to 100$ or it can only be converted to coupons for shopping.

Some FAQs about our affiliate program.

Q: Can I particiate in the program if I only have very few followers?

A: Yes, anyone can particiate in our program. We appreiciate all customers' support and will pay you for every successful order you bring to our site.

Q: Can the reward be cashed?

A: Yes, but only when accumulated bonus reaches 100$, it can be cashed. If it's less than 100$, you can wait it to reach 100$ then apply for cash or can email us to convert it to coupons for shopping on our site at any time. 

Q: Is the promotion discount code permanent?

A: Yes, it's permanent as long as our 42Lolita store is running.


42Lolita is not only a reliable Lolita fashion store, but we also hope it can be a good community for Lolita influencers to share their good lolita coordinates to all other lolita lovers. Let's shop happily, share happily. Join in the program now at support@42lolita.com.