42Lolita October Free Give-aways

Good news!!! 42Lolita will send some free give-aways from Oct.24th to Oct.31th, 2022. Each day, we will pick up one lucky Lolitas to send the freebies. 

The steps of free give-aways.

1. We posts this news on Facebook and Twitter;

2. We randomly select a lucky Lolitas from the posts sharers of the last day, or subscribers or present customers, and will update on the winner list on each second day;

3. We will send message to the winner with the lucky item link for them to choose the color or size they want, as well as request on their shipping address;

4. We will purchase the item and ship to the winners for free.

5. We will send international tracking numbers to the winners. 

6. The winners receive freebies at door.

Check what you will get for free on each day from October 24th to October 31th.  

October 24th, Little Dipper-Sweet Lolita Long-Sleeved Cotton Cardigan;

October 25th, Eieyomi~Strawberry Cake Bear ~ Sweet Lolita Skirt;

October 26th, Infanta~Tiered Lace Classic Lolita JSK Dress;

October 27th, Aurora Ariel~45cm 12m A Line Lolita Fashion Petticoat;

October 28th, With PUJI~Nightingale And Rose~Gothic Black And Red Dress JSK;

October 29th, Princess Chronicles~Black And Blue~Retro Ouji Lolita Shirt;

October 30th, Eieyomi~Elegant Autumn Winter Lolita Blouse;

October 31th, Roji Roji~Gothic Lolita Glass Yarn Knee Socks.

Join to share and good luck! 

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