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Christmas and holiday-related themes are the focus of the unofficial Christmas Lolita microstyle of Lolita clothing.

With the exception of its Christmas motifs, Christmas Lolita is identical to mainstream Lolita. Christmas-themed prints, such as those of presents, reindeer, or Christmas trees, will be found on JSKs, skirts, and other components of a Lolita coordinate. Pieces are typically painted in festive colors like red and green.

Christmas will soon arrive! Have you chosen your Christmas attire for this year yet? Check out some of the clothing in 42Lolita!

Sweet Christmas Themed Lolita Dress

1. Christmas Doughnut Ice Cream Dress Lolita JSK

 Christmas Lolita dress

Flouncing hemline with shirring back. This sweet style Lolita JSK dress has a beautiful ice cream and Chirstmas doughnut print and a variety of styles to choose from.

You can choose Christmas Red Doughnut JSK and Green one. With kawaii patterns on it and two main colors of Christmas, it is no doubt that the best choice for your holidays.

2. Christmas Bear OP Dress

Christmas Lolita bear dresses

Who could say no to a sweet Christmas bear? The patterns of the bears, Christmas tree, and red wine convey a festive and joyful vibe. Your Lolita outfits will look more colorful with a large red bowtie. And even more sweetness and joy are added by the sailor collar and puff sleeves.

3. Santa Clara~Kawaii School Lolita JSK

Christmas Lolita dress

There is cute crown pattern at the waist, lovely pattern on the waist band, crown pattern and cute bow on the necktie. It's very suitable for the New Year's event or Christmas party. The dress is designed with fluffy layers and kawaii animals. The gold decoration on the skirt can add your Lolita outfits more festive atmosphere. This dress in red, white, and blue will undoubtedly make you stand out in the crowd if you are sick of the overpowering red and green color scheme.

4. Rock Dream~New Year Christmas Kawaii Lolita OP Dress

kawaii Christmas Lolita dress

White and red colorways are perfect to wear during the New Year or Christmas festival! It features strawberry bear prints, bow knots prints, a heart-shaped collar, a short sleeve, and a ruffle hemline. So kawaii and lovely. Any red and white accesorries with bowtie are easy to match.

Elegant Christmas Lolita Dress

1. Cat Highness~Christmas New Year Han Lolita OP Dress

Christmas Lolita dress

This Han Lolita OP dress would be your first pick if you are a fan of both Chinese traditional culture and Lolita fashion. The open front has excellent craftsmanship and a luxury appearance thanks to the use of lace and silver chiffon. Available colors include red and navy blue, which are appropriate for Lolita daily wear as well as Christmas and New Year's celebrations.

2. Cat Highness~Bunnies Band~Multicolors Christmas Festival Lolita Jumper Dress

Christmas Lolita dresses

Christmas decorations frequently feature plaid. The red check pattern conjures images of a lovely and delicate supper and little, priceless gifts. Would you like to dress up like a nice Christmas present? This dress incorporates plaid, and the skirt has gold lace on it. This dress, in contrast to most dresses, pursues a bold irregular design with an irregular patchwork of plaid and sequin fabric. Ideal for Lolita lovers who value originality in design.

3. Elpress L~Christmas E~Light Pink Sweet Lolita Princess Jumper Skirt

Christmas Lolita dress

Like the characters in the movie "Frozen," each layer of lace is lavishly and elegantly embellished with flower embroidery and golden thread. Although it appears to be white, it is actually a gentle pale pink. When you wear it, you'll have the appearance of a pink rose in the snow.

Christmas Snow Lolita Dress

1. Milky Way~Christmas Snow Lolita JSK Dress

velvet Christmas Lolita dress

The two primary colors of Christmas, red and white, are also reflected in the garment. Each side of the skirt has a heart-shaped pocket and is lined with white fuzzy lace. You could resemble a delicate Christmas doll with a lot of holiday joy if you wear this skirt. It is important to note that its fabric is incredibly plush and cozy, and you can also wear it with a wool sweater that fits snugly.

2. Your Princess~Christmas Princess Sweet Lolita Jumper Dress

sweet pink Christmas Lolita dress

The highlight of this outfit is its color. It has a very delicate Morandi hue. Contrary to the typically cute vibe that pink lends, this dress still has a hint of elegance in the midst of the cuteness. Three white fur ball buttons on the skirt resemble a snow globe in the winter. The skirt is constructed from Korean ground wool, which keeps you warm and light in the winter.

3. Youpairui~Snow White Sweet Lolita OP Dress

classic Christmas Lolita dress

Want to get your friends' attention at Christmas? Your best pick must be this Lolita outfit with a Snow White-inspired design. Compared to Snow White in the animated version, it uses burgundy, white, and dark blue as its primary hues, which are more classical and exquisite. Plus sized Lolita girls will benefit greatly from the elastic design of the shirring on the back.

4. With Puji~Snow White~Lolita Flounce Hemline OP Dress

Christmas Lolita dresses

The same may be said about a dress that used Snow White as its model. But this outfit is more appropriate for daily use than the previous one. With no need for skirt support, individuals can feel natural and lovely. It's perhaps the dream dress of many young girls, with its intricate lace and cascading skirt.

Christmas Tights 

Here are some recommended stockings from our store to add more details for your Lolita outfit!

1. Red Maria~Christmas Bell 120D Velvet Lolita Tights

Christmas Lolita tights

It is beautifully decorated with Christmas ornaments like a bow and stars to go with your holiday attire. And it constantly exudes an air of elegance. Made of 120D velvet, you can easily keep warm and pretty in this winter.

2. Roji Roji~Uniform Middle Tube Cotton Lolita Calf Socks

Christmas Lolita socks

The stripes are designed with smiley faces on the front and middle-length stripes on the back. It is appropriate for wearing in the fall or winter.

3. Roji Roji~Sweet Bow Lolita Knee Stockings Multicolors

Christmas Lolita stockings

The velvet used to create these Lolita stockings. Being elastic and soft, it is incredibly comfortable to wear. Four colors are offered. With a bow decoration, these socks can go with almost any dress in your wardrobe.

4. Roji Roji~Annie's Gift Cotton Lolita Stockings

Christmas Lolita tights with kawaii bow patterns

Very cute long socks with a dot bow and letter pattern. It has a gorgeous pattern that resembles a ribbon on a gift box.

5. Sheep Puff~Christmas Cotton Lolita Calf Socks

kawaii Christmas Lolita socks

Super cute Christimas socks with high quality, in multiple Christmas theme patterns.

Christmas Lolita Accessories

1. Foxcherry-Lolita Heart Shaped Box Christmas Bell Top Hat

Christmas Lolita hats

Top hat with a Christmas bell, polka dots, a heart-shaped present box, and other adorable details.

2. SweetDreamer~Shepherd's Vale~Kawaii Christmas Lolita Headdress

Christmas accessories

This is a collection of Lolita deer hair ornaments. Particularly appropriate for fall and winter clothing. You'll appear to be a cute Bambi!

3. Foxcherry-Super Cute Lolita Bear Ears Top Hat Multicolors

Christmas hats accessories

Bear ear top hat, bow tie, and adorable Lolita style. Each hat has a charming violin insignia that can be removed. It would look great with formal attire.

4. Dear Celine~Christmas Eve Gift Lolita Headband KC

Christmas accessories

The edges of this bow headband are lace-trimmed. It contains two pendants of hairballs. similar to two small snowballs!

5. Fox Cherry-Sweet Lolita Bow Lace Hairclip Multiple Colors

Christmas accessories

Sweet Lolita fashion, a universal hairclip for all Lolita coordination, and a bowtie hair accessory Due to how attractive and current this style is, it has always been quite popular.

6. Elpress L~Country Lolita Accessory Hairband Choker Cuffs

Christmas accessories

This Lolita accessory set features a hairband, choker, hairpins, and pair of cuffs in the traditional country Lolita style. You may pair them with the adorable Lolita OP.

Final Thoughts

Let's climb on the sleigh and return to our childhood memories on this Wonderful Night of Christmas. Just check 42Lolita and find your own Christmas Lolita dress!

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